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I have over 7 years commercial freelancing and contracting experience, working on projects both domestically in Slovenia and internationally in places such as UK.

During this time I've worked on all kinds of projects for corporations of all sizes ranging from startups ( to established business such as an online booking system for Gyms in Slovenia. Due to my experience, I've being fortunate enough to work with international NGO's (The United Nations - UNOPS) and similar sized organisations on new and upcoming project launches.

Because of the scalability of my work and years of experience, my ability to effectively time manage and produce leading class websites, web-apps and core systems shows throughout my portfolio.

Having a personal passion for my work really helps me take full responsibility of it and I take huge pride in all work that I develop and launch both as part of a team and on my own. This passion includes using best practices and industry recognised standards to ultimately achieve the best possible results for my clients both old and new.

Working in both large and small development teams has enabled me to be fully receptive and listen to all ideas whilst developing and creating. I also believe passionately in sharing knowledge within the teams, meaning to teach others and learn as I progress through my career as a developer.

Following my AlliedCrowds departure in early 2016, I have particular interest in working for UK or US startups seeking knowledge and dedicated team members whilst building their ideas and businesses!

Work Experience

  • Freelance web developer

    Since 2009 I've been working as freelance web developer.

  • Laravel Developer @

    I was part of a small team. Apart from Alliedcrowds main site, I created crowdfunding platform

  • Lead web developer @ Wellioo

    Wellioo is app for online booking system for sports and fitness businesses. App runs on linux and it is written in php with Codeigniter framework + jQuery and jQuery UI.

  • Lead web developer - Sola prihodnosti maribor

    Lead web developer for information system for national school competitions. It includes more than 40k users and 1000 schools in mysql DB.

  • Webmaster

    Joomla CMS webmaster

  • More



  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana

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