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Janez Cergolj - @jcergolj

Plug and code experienced Laravel consultant

Laravel Consultant for your existing & new Laravel projects

Professional Journey

Who am I?

I am a solution and business automation architect with over 15 years of experience. My approach goes beyond writing code; I actively collaborate with clients to analyze requirements and propose optimal solutions. Instead of simply following instructions, I proactively seek out better, more cost-effective approaches that prioritize future scalability and flexibility.

My impeccable rating on on People per Hour reflects my commitment to transparent communication, honesty, and fostering authentic connections with clients. I have had the privilege of working with numerous small businesses, helping them enhance, fix, or upgrade existing Laravel projects. My aim is not just to deliver solutions, but to architect them in a way that ensures long-term success and adaptability, providing value beyond initial requirements.

More about my work


I write maintainable, self-explained and well-documented code supported by automated tests. Working with such an approach allows me to upgrade code easily, add new features, and I have experienced fewer bugs while doing it. Those things are immensely crucial for clients whose projects are already in production.

I am deeply committed to staying updated with the latest coding techniques and industry trends. As a naturally curious individual, I am constantly seeking new ways to enhance code quality and efficiency. This dedication to ongoing learning enables me to provide my clients with innovative solutions that meet their evolving needs and expectations.


My Rates

Daily Rate


Weekly Rate


Monthly Rate

  • Keep it simple no long onboarding process or longs meeting you don't need to hold my hand
  • The simplest communication always wins: just start assigning me GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab issues.
  • I will provide you with a weekly report if hired for a week or monty
  • Money back guarantee, if you are not happy with my work. I don't charge for the work client is unhappy with. Period.
jcergolj - laravel consultant working
About the code

My code in action

from my open source github repositories :

  • follows SOLID principles
  • utilise design patterns where appropriate
  • is covered by automated tests, how else can you upgrade it
  • is documented
  • is formatted using Laravel Pint
  • is statically analised using Phpinsights & Larastan
  • is reviewed by me and by you

Frequently Asked Questions

Not convinced yet? Here are some answers to common questions.

What if I need you for more than a day, more than a week or a month?

No problem. We can discuss a custom arrangement that suits your needs.

What if I am not happy with your work?

No worries. If things don't go as expected, I offer a full refund of the upfront payment. I only charge for work that satisfies the client.

Will you join daily stand-ups, weekly calls, or our team's Slack channel?

Ideally, no. The aim is to provide uninterrupted support, acting as an additional plug and code developer capable of resolving issues efficiently and independently.

What if I need you for less than a day?

The minimum charge is for a full day.


My Testimonials

From my clients on People per hour

"Seriously amazing!"

Janez is capable, reliable, dependable and very supportive. I run a small business in London and was looking for someone "remote" who could do the IT bits for me- setting up the back end for websites etc. I found Janez here on PPH and I must say all my concerns about working remotely were proved to be unfounded- he has always been available and I quickly felt I could trust him with my project. I was right to place my trust in him as he has delivered some excellent results- while helping me understand how it all works behind the scenes- he must have great patience! Very impressed - Thank you

CPS Enneagram Profiling
Fergus S.
CPS Enneagram Profiling

"Brilliant work!"

Yet again from Janez, he's a real top guy who is willing to go that extra mile for you and is really patience and makes the effort to really understand the brief so the projects are done correctly and just how you expect.

Green Global Direct ltd
Christian H.
Green Global Direct ltd

"Excellent work!"

As ever with Janez. On this occasion integrating a content API feed with a PHP-based CMS that he hadn't encountered previously. Deal with quickly and efficiently, great comms and understanding. Very highly recommended.

Keith B.
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