September 30, 2021

How to publish Linkedin post containing video via API with Laravel Http Client

This article is about publishing a Linkedin post that contains video via Linkedin API call using Laravel Http Client. Even though the process is straightforward, few bumps on the road took time to...


August 31, 2021

While testing show laravel views some love

Back in the 4.2 Laravel days, you were able to inspect views with tests more thoroughly with the help of a symphony dom crawler. Unfortunately, this feature was removed in later versions. That's a...


July 2, 2021

How to test TestJob::dispatchNow in Laravel?

Some time ago, I needed to write a test for Laravel job and I've spent hours searching for solution. Testing Laravel jobs that are queued is straightforward. But how do you test jobs that are...


April 13, 2021

Amazon SES and how to track Laravel Emails & Notifications

I've been working on a project where the requirement was to send emails via Amazon SES and track deliverability status with webhooks. Not surprisingly, at least for me, the ride wasn't a...