January 15, 2021

Laravel and Hotwire Intro

Basecamp released a new tool called Hotwire that helps build new modern SPA like web apps without much javascript. It is a backend framework agnostic. Hotwire is an alternative approach to...


January 5, 2021

Laravel Mailable Testing Tips

According to Laravel News: Testing Mailable Content in Laravel 8 few additional methods for testing mailable were added to Laravel 8.18.0. Those are: And here is an example of how you can use...


December 23, 2020

Image upload test journey

For my open-source project, I needed an option for the user to upload an image. Furthermore, this image needed to be resized. For resizing, I used a well-know package called Intervention. The testing...


December 7, 2020

How to test signed routes?

From Laravel's documentation: Laravel allows you to easily create "signed" URLs to named routes. These URLs have a "signature" hash appended to the query string which allows Laravel to verify that...