November 15, 2023

pushMiddlewareToGroup package development bug in Laravel 10

This is a heads up post about a pushMiddlewareToGroup bug in #laravel package development and how to fix it. While working on one of my packages (save last index or show route and redirect back...


October 25, 2023

How I went head to head with GitHub Copilot

Who triumphed in my face-off with GitHub Copilot? In my recent coding adventure, I delved into the #laravel macros and decided to put GitHub Copilot to the test. I wrote my version of a unit test...


October 6, 2023

Testing Complex Queries in Laravel - from repository pattern to Laravel model mocking

Today, we're diving into a discussion on testing complex queries inside a Laravel controller. We'll be looking at two debated topics: the repository pattern and how to mock Laravel eloquent models....


September 6, 2023

How to test then batch method in Laravel

In this blog post, we'll explore how to test Laravel jobs, specifically focusing on asserting that a batch of jobs has been dispatched and testing that a then method is called when all...