January 5, 2021

Laravel Mailable Testing Tips

According to Laravel News: Testing Mailable Content in Laravel 8 few additional methods for testing mailable were added to Laravel 8.18.0. Those are: And here is an example of how you can use...


December 23, 2020

Image upload test journey

For my open-source project, I needed an option for the user to upload an image. Furthermore, this image needed to be resized. For resizing, I used a well-know package called Intervention. The testing...


December 7, 2020

How to test signed routes?

From Laravel's documentation: Laravel allows you to easily create "signed" URLs to named routes. These URLs have a "signature" hash appended to the query string which allows Laravel to verify that...


November 10, 2020

Few use cases for PHPUnit's data providers

What are they? Martin Hujer explanation Tighten's validation example A neat feature that data providers offer is adding text as an array's key if a test fails. In our example: Test email is...