LaravelLive UK 2024 - My Fourth One

Alright, the title sounds boring. But stick with me because what comes next is my story about my fourth time at LaravelLive UK. Spoiler: It was awesome.

The People: From Strangers to Friends

First things first, LaravelLive is the best place to meet other developers. Imagine this: a mix of business owners, freelancers, CEOs, CTOs, tech leads, and senior and junior developers all in one place. Each person from a different country has a distinct story and knowledge.

Here's my golden advice: don't be shy. Yes, you. Talking to strangers can be scary, but it's worth it. I remember my first conference—I was holding my coffee cup, not knowing how to start a conversation. But over time, I learned how. Start with something simple like, "Hi, I'm John. Can I join you? How do you like the talks?" Boom. Ice broken.

Don't just stick with your friends or colleagues. Meet new people. Some chats might be brief, but that's okay. Everyone there is open to connecting and sharing their experiences. You never know; a short conversation might lead to a long-lasting friendship or a valuable professional connection. That's the value of attending the conferences.

Remember, the speakers are there to connect, too. They're just people like us who enjoy talking about their passions. They appreciate genuine questions and interest in their talks and would love to hear if you think their presentations were excellent. So, step out of your comfort zone and overcome your introverted fears—you might learn something new and inspiring.

For me, back in 2015, it was "easier". I forced myself to learn how to approach new people. As a Laravel freelancer and business automation specialist, I pay out of pocket for the conferences. One of the most essential things is networking, looking for new opportunities, or just learning from those who know more than me.

You'll have to attend more than one event to network. In the past, it was enough to meet people once, and you'll say you'll touch them. But this happens rarely. More commonly, you meet someone for the first time at a conference, and then next year, you are more acquainted, and it is easier to catch up. So, networking takes time. And your friends might introduce you to their friends and so on. And it's a great feeling bumping into someone after a year and asking them how they've been with work and family. Don't just hang with your old mates. Look for new ones, too.

London: Embracing the Charm and Quirks of the Multicultural City

Ah, London. The city is energetic. Let's talk about the basics:


When someone says, "You alright, mate?" reply with "Yeah, alright. You?" Or "I am good. You?"


Leave your cash at home. Or bring some, just in case. London loves cards, and you can pay everywhere with them.


The underground system in London is excellent, and with Google Maps or the CityMapper app, going from one place to another is a breeze. You can pay with your regular bank card or a contactless card, or you can purchase a dedicated Oyster card and top it up. Each ride costs 3 to 6 pounds, with peak hours being more expensive. Some more tips, let people get off before you get on. And always stand on the right on escalators. If you want to feel like a proper Londoner, you can be on the left side too, but only if you keep walking and don't just stand still.

Politeness Overload

Start every talk with a "Sorry..." and end with a "Thanks" or "Cheers!". It's the British way. Brits are incredibly polite and go out of their way to avoid being a nuisance. The most bizarre thing you might experience is bumping into someone, and they apologize to you!


This is important. Brits are proud of the queueing gene Mother Nature planted in them. It is super easy to navigate because everybody respects the queuing system. Just go to the end of the queue, and you'll always be in the right place. The queuing culture ensures everything runs smoothly and fairly, so you never have to worry about someone cutting in line. It's one of the things that makes navigating busy places in the UK so stress-free.

Post-COVID Pace

I've noticed that Londoners aren't in such a rush anymore. The city has slowed down, and it's pretty refreshing. I even asked a local about it, and they agreed—people are taking their time more these days.

Coffee Quest

Finding an excellent Italian-style coffee? My advice is to go to Italy. But in London, it's a challenge. Caffè Nero is your best bet, with many locations across the city. You can find some independent coffee shops, but it takes time and effort as they aren't around every corner.

Pub Heaven

Now, here's the treat. London's pubs are cosy and feel like home. They have a lot of ales and lagers. Enjoy the pub culture—it's the heart of the city. I enjoy it every time. When you visit, remember that you order and pay for drinks at the bar counter. Typically, you provide the type of beer you want and specify the size—a pint or a half pint. For example, you can ask a friend, "Hey mate, this round's on me. What can I get you?" Then, at the bar, you can order like this: "I'll have a pint of Guinness and a pint of London Pride." If you're getting food, you order at the bar and tell them your table number, usually marked on each table. By the way, "mate" is a trendy word in London—you can sprinkle it into almost every sentence to sound like a local. So, for example, when the bartender hands you your beers, you can say, "Cheers, mate."

Shoutout to the Organizers

Lastly, I want to give a big thanks to the LaravelLive UK team, especially John. Organizing such an event is hard work. The event is always well-organized, not too big or small, just right. And the price? Very fair. In conclusion, you're missing out if you still need to attend LaravelLive UK. It combines learning, networking, and enjoying London's culture. So, go ahead, get your ticket, and dive into the adventure. Cheers to new friends, London's quirks, and the unique LaravelLive UK 2025! See you there.